Hello and Welcome to Makeup by Hawiza!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.  Let me start by sharing that I am a wife and mother before everything else, but I have a lot of “everything else”, (more about the “everything else” later).  I have been married to a wonderful man for 17 years and we share our lives with two beautiful daughters.

​Born in Melaka, Malaysia I moved to the United States with my family a the age of 13.  I attended school in Chula Vista, CA.  In November of 1995, I met my husband and we were married three months later.  I consider myself truly blessed to be living the American dream!

​Now for the “everything else”, I am the owner/artist of Makeup by Hawiza.  Makeup by Hawiza is an on location makeup and hair service in San Diego.  As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, I have been in the fashion and beauty industry since 1999.  To ensure my clients receive the most current and updated services available, I attend classes and seminars on beauty and fashion trends on an ongoing basis. 

​My clients are just like you, women who want to look their very best with style, poise and confidence.  I believe that your overall appearance, makeup and hair are as important as your style.  I will help you choose the right makeup for your skin type and tone and introduce you to the latest trends and techniques in the beauty and fashion industry.

​Between my husband, kids and work; I don’t have much time for everything else but I do LOVE to put my thoughts on paper,  When I say “paper”, I really mean my blog.  I don’t consider myself to be a writer by any stretch of the imagination; so please don’t expect perfection in punctuation or grammar.  However, I can tell you that whatever I write and post, I shared with enthusiasm and reflects my true self.  So, please visit my blog often and see what is on my mind that day!  🙂


27 October, 2009


  1. Wiwi..ingat tak kat aku?kalau ingat alhamdullilah. Lama betul ko kat US. Rasa tak balik sini lagi yea. Salute lah ko boleh jadi make-up artist.Kalau kat KL mesti ko jadi celebriti. Bye.

  2. miracle has 2 girls also im so happy to see your doing well im also very glad cat wasnt in hati when this happened drop me a line if you get the time cindee miracles mom

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