Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Now that we’re in the thrust of holiday shopping, do we really want to fight for parking at the mall or hire a babysitter just to fit in a few hours of hassle-free shopping? Not me! And what about the fact that I never know what to get my girlfriends, relatives, or coworkers? Let’s face it … Holiday shopping usually ends up being a huge headache and just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This year, I’m here to help you find a solution to your holiday shopping woes. A solution that’s affordable, doesn’t require parking a mile away, and one that encourages those who we love, to relax in luxury.

For those who like to surprise that special someone, take a look at my website (http://www.meltologyforus.com) and pick out something you know they’ll like. At Meltology, we offer a wide array of gift items from your full-scale skincare regimen, to a relaxing hot stone therapy kit, or our therapeutic mitts for sore hands and tired feet. And what woman wouldn’t love to pamper herself with heated luxury this winter?

If you’re new to Meltology or already in love with the product and you think there’s something you might like for yourself, don’t hesitate to forward my site to your family or friends. You can even e-mail me a wish list and I’ll happily help guide your gift givers in the right direction.

You can also call (619-607-3214) or e-mail me (service@meltologyforus.com) and I’ll place your order so it’s shipped in time for you to wrap up and give to those special people in your life.


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