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Hello!  My name is Hawiza Sharpe and I am an on location Makeup Artist serving San Diego.

I am also and Independent Distributor for Meltology Skin Care.  Meltology stands for Mineral Energy Luxury TechnOLOGY.  At the heart of each Meltology product is the essence and power of Spa – a word that derives from the healing mineral hot springs of Europe. Combining the latest in natural mineral energy, the fundamental core of spa was captured to make world’s best health and beauty products even more effective, and more accessible to you. Now, the highest-end luxury products once only available to spas worldwide, are now available at your fingertips.

At Meltology, we believe that beauty, health, and wellness are truly inter-related. Through the unique technologies and innovative skin and body care products we offer, we believe we have found one of the keys to whole body health and wellness. Imagine what a home spa experience does for you – it not only provides luxurious spa quality ingredients through our treatments, but it provides a truly relaxing experience without the commotion or cost of a trip to the spa. It is relaxation in an ideal environment, your own sanctuary. It is warmth and luxury with all the benefits of innovative technology. It is wellness for the mind, the body, and the spirit.

For more information visit www.meltologyforus.com or call Hawiza at (619)607-3214 for your MELTology experience TODAY!

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