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My Favorite Self Tanners.

A good way to get a good tan any time of the year is to use self tanners.  Here are some of my favorite self tanners to use on my clients.

1) Sun Laboratories Tanning Set

  • Has a wonderful scent.
  • The set comes with the self tanner, exfoliating body gel and a moisturizer.    
  • It is currently on sale for $39.95 and you can get it here –
  • Made for sensitive skin.
  • Instant color, you will see the color right away.

2) Tan Towel

  • No messy creams, no drip.
  • No streak.
  • Has a little smell but not overpowering.
  • Two options – Tan Towel Classic (if you are fair and wants some color) & Tan Towel Plus (if you already have some color but wants to be darker).
  • You can purchase it at –!sf 

3) St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mouse

With all self tanners it is important that you exfoliate before use.  Exfoliating will make your skin smoother and get rid of all the dead skins that can cause an uneven tan.  When your skin is smoother, the self tanners can go on nice and even.

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