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Taylor & Scott’s Wedding. Video by FortyOneTwenty.

I posted the photos (by Stephen Knuth) from Taylor and Scott’s wedding on an earlier blog. The photos were gorgeous! Stephen Knuth did an amazing job. Along with Stephen, I also had the pleasure of working with FortyOneTwenty. They are an amazing cinematography team. These guys are so good and so incredibly nice. You can tell by how amazing they are just by watching this video.

Scott & Taylor // Coronado, CA from FortyOneTwenty on Vimeo.

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  1. That is definitely what a professional wedding video should look like. Those guys captured it all without resorting to cliche or corniness. I love how they captured the vows and all the little moments between the bride, groom, and other participants in the wedding without being intrusive at all.

    Daisy McCarty

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