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The Art of Couponing.

My friend Ben will laugh at me…but I had to share!

Most of you know that I love a good discount. I am always sharing deals and coupons on Facebook and Twitter. Recently, while I was on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video of a lady who went grocery shopping and spent 80 cents for over $100.00 worth of grocery. So, I did more research and found Coupon Mom. Coupon Mom has a website that teach people on the art of couponing. She teaches people on how to cut their grocery bill by 50% or more!

I decided to try it out! I subscribed to the Sunday paper and search for coupons online and 3 weeks later, I am cutting my grocery bill by 68%! Crazy! Yes, it involves a lot of planning but who wouldn’t like to save at least 50% on their grocery bill?

I thought I give you an example of my last visit to CVS and Vons.


Downey Fabric Softener – $5.97

Tide Detergent – $10.97

Charmin Toilet Paper – $9.99

(2) Quaker Otmeal ($2.50 EA) – $5.00

(2) Quaker Granola ($2.50 EA) – $5.00

Corn Candy – 99 cents

(2) Colgate Advanced Toothpaste ($2.99 EA) – $5.98

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick – $10.99

TOTAL – $54.89

What did I pay after all of my coupons? $12.85!!!! I also got $13.98 in Extra Buck Cash to spend on my next visit. So, I actually got everything for FREE.


I am not going to list everything I got at Vons since it will be a LONG list but I can tell you that I purchased 50 items for $44.55!!! Before the coupons and the club card savings, the total was $136.47. I saved 68%!!!

Here are the pictures of my receipts and the picture of the items that I baught from CVS. There are also a few items that I purchased from Walmart. I didn’t save that much at Walmart since I am still learning the couponing system (total was $48.38 and I paid $41.18…still learning!).

I must say after all of these savings, I will never purchase anything without using a coupon. Saving money is a lot of fun! 🙂

Maybe on my next post I will talk about how to get the most savings from using a coupon.



  1. That’s awesome, hawiza! Lately I’ve been into using coupons, but not this good! I gotta check out that website! Thanks! 🙂

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